Photography in Goa: Inter Photo

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Immensely talented, successful, and charismatic

Working tirelessly behind the scenes to capture every fleeting moment of authentic emotion, their fine-art photographs will give you chills and make you smile all at the same time. Whether you’re getting married in Spain or halfway around the world, Sandeep wait to photograph your unique love story.

How to Choose Right Photographer?

Sandep view of being a wedding photographer holds much more meaning than a typical job or title.

Life is a constant flow of precious moments, which is why my Goa photography captures every aspect of your special day, even the things you didn’t see at the time; the tears in your mother’s eyes, the flower girl hiding in the garden, the way your new husband looked at you during your first dance. No woman ever looks as stunning as she does on her wedding day, therefore I understand the importance of my portraiture work capturing the natural radiance of the bride, along with the lasting love between the couple.

What are the closest stations to Interfoto? The closest stations to Interfoto are: Thune is 257 meters away, 4 min walk.

Quote of the day: In Cyprus, we are very lucky to speak in such a beautiful dialect, namely the Cypriot Greek dialect.

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